Battle of the Books – Batalla de los Libros

Battles for Oregon Battle of Books (OBOB) for 4th and 5th grades begin Wednesday, January 8. They happen every Wednesday from 12:15 -12:45 PM. Parents and family members are welcome and highly encouraged to attend. Our first battle will be on January 15 from 12:15 to 12:45 PM. Come cheer on a team and celebrate their [...]

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Free Lunch And Activities During Winter Break 2019 | Almuerzo gratis y actividades durante las vacaciones de invierno 2019

Free lunches and activities will be offered at eight schools in Salem and Keizer during Winter Break 2019. Almuerzo gratis y actividades durante las vacaciones de invierno 2019. This opportunity is for ALL children & students ages 1-18 years old. EVERYONE is invited – regardless of family income! Para TODOS los niños y estudiantes de 1 [...]

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Free Breakfast and Lunch at Kennedy Elementary | Desayuno y Almuerzo SIN CARGO !!

Breakfast and Lunch AT NO CHARGE at Kennedy Elementary!! And for any student that attends one of the following schools. Para cualquier estudiante que asista a una de las siguientes escuelas: Los menús están disponibles en línea en el sitio web de las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer

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Oregon Department of Education Releases School and District Report Cards

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) produces yearly at-a-glance profiles for schools and districts. These reports, called for by the 1999 state legislature, provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing. ODE redesigned the school and district profiles in 2018, with input from [...]

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